Blog Update – Rest of the week/weekend

Hey guys,

Just a quick update, I was going to continue my piece about Guild Wars 2, and how the things it does differently might not be for everyone, with an emphasis this time on PvP as I simply did not have the time to go into that in my previous post, however instead of writing something based on assumptions and videos, I have decided to postpone that piece until after this weekend. The reason being of course that as many of you know the Beta weekend for everyone who pre-purchased will be going on as of Friday night UK time, and I intend to PvP to my hearts content to give you a more accurate and much more hands on write-up this coming Tuesday. 

Until then, enjoy your beta weekends, for anyone interested in joining me and my mad bunch of misfits in GW2, keep checking back here as I will be posting which server we are going on hopefully tonight. 

– Chronometer